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Training is essential for good riding, especially in competition. A good training routine can be difficult to maintain if the weather or your schedule do not cooperate. That's where a bicycle trainer can be a useful tool. A bicycle trainer is designed to turn a road bike into a stationary bike. The trainer consists of a frame that holds the rear wheel off the ground so that it can spin freely. The tire rests on a roller that provides resistance.



In home cycle trainerIndoor trainer

Unfold the trainer's legs until they lock in place or are fully extended.

Lower the roller by turning the adjustment knob counterclockwise. Make sure the roller won't be in the way of the bicycle tire when you mount the bike to the trainer.

Back the bicycle into the trainer, lining up the rear wheel hubs with the trainer's axle cups.

Press the left hub into the fixed axle cup, then turn the axle cup adjustment knob to press the other cup against the right hub. Keep the bike as perpendicular to the floor as possible while tightening the axle cup.

Check that the bike is properly mounted in the trainer, then tighten the locking ring on the axle cup to secure the bike.

Raise the roller until it pushes against the rear tire. The roller provides resistance, and it needs to be snug to prevent the tire from slipping. A rule of thumb is to have the roller compress the tire approximately 1/2 inch.

RiserWheel block/riser

Place the front wheel in the wheel block. This raises the front end of the bike to keep it level and also prevents the front wheel from turning.

Place one hand on the bike's handlebar and the other on the seat and attempt to move the bike side to side to see if anything is loose. If the bike moves, check to make sure the rear wheel is securely positioned in the axle cups before re-tightening.

Mount the bicycle, then pedal at a slow pace for two minutes to confirm that the bike is securely mounted to the trainer and that no other adjustments need to be made.

Protective floormatProtective Floormat

To provide safe grip for the bike and rider on mounted on the trainer and elevated on the wheel block. While eliminating the likelihood of slipping or sliding (from sweat that will certainly occur) while in use.

The mat will also protect the floor from any scrapes, scratches or indentations that may occur over time and use of trainer.

It may also provide the rider with peace of mind knowing they will be sturdy and secure during the entire ride.

PSST- This is the perfect opportunity to get that whole clip in/clip out process figured out.


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