Aksium Elite Wheel System


Taking on a new name this year, the Aksium Elite Wheel System is last year's Aksium S set wrapped in a greatly improved set of included tires. The Elite system represents incredible value, whether as a training set for a dedicated athlete or an inexpensive but notable upgrade over your bike's stock wheels.

You've probably noticed that the Aksium Elite set is substantially less expensive than the less expensive Ksyrium wheels Mavic offers, which is thanks to a combination of small details. Rather than having FORE drilled rims and thread-in spoke grommets, the rim is a more traditional single-eyelet-style, with the spoke holes penetrating the outer wall of the rim. The Aksium Elite's rims are constructed from anodized 6106 aluminum, and Mavic uses its UB Control technology to mill the braking surfaces of the rim. The result is improved brake friction and smooth, controlled stopping in almost any weather condition. The wheels feature 20 (front and rear) bladed, straight-pull, steel spokes with brass nipples. Each spoke is equipped with Mavic's Self Lock technology that uses a special shape on the spoke end to make it impossible to loosen when it's on the thread. The design eliminates tension loss, and the wheels stay truer, longer.

The Aksium Elite wheels aren't as light as some costlier counterparts, but aside from their outstanding durability, Mavic's early and broad dedication to aerodynamics helps to compensate for the extra grams. The 21mm rim profile, low spoke count, and use of bladed stainless steel spokes manage to mitigate much of their beefiness. And, while the Aksium uses the identical lightweight FTS-L steel freehub body as the Ksyrium Elite and SL wheels, its sealed bearing hubs lack the on-bike adjustability, although they are fully serviceable and adjustable otherwise.

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