1924 Vintage Craftsman Motor Bike

DTLA Bikes

  • A leather bag to carry some tools and a bike pump.
  • A double spring saddle with a leather shell.
  • The craftsman bike comes with two handlebars to hangers of different tubes.
  • A vintage handlebar shaped mustache that brings a retro style and a more comfortable city hanger for walks, like Dutch bicycle.

An aged brass finish that accentuates the style of the 20s including:
Handlebar stem
Tank cap
Speedometer and watch
A set of front and rear lights style acetylene lamp

Product description:
2-stroke engine displacement: 38cc
2.5 liter tank
Belt drive transmission
Pedal chain transmission
Brown color
Overall length: 1850mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 1000mm
Wheel diameter: 26 * 2.125
Weight: 34 Kilos

Category: craftsman, motor

Type: Motor

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