Mavic Ksyrium Elite S Wheel System


The Mavic Ksyrium Elite S Wheel System is the go-to for those wanting wheels that will handle almost any condition without complaint. For 2015, the wheels feature the same features we’ve come to love, along with a new color choice and included tires.

With so many rims being aluminum, Mavic looked to fabricate a compound that had an even higher strength-to-weight ratio while being even more resistant to stress. The result is its proprietary Maxtal alloy. Utilizing the properties of the Maxtal to full advantage is Mavic’s Soude Usine Process (SUP), which ensures an arc welded seam at the rim joint that is then buffed smooth. This increases the strength of the rim while providing a smooth braking surface. The rims also provide a slight aerodynamic benefit with the depth of the front a shallow 22mm while the rear is a slightly deeper 25mm.

Unlike many rims that drill the spoke holes directly into the upper rim bridge, Mavic leaves that layer of the rim untouched and instead threads the alloy spokes through the lower rim bridge. This leaves more material, which, in turn, increases rigidity. Bit not to worry, Mavic uses its Inter Spoke Milling to reduce extra weight. This accounts for the dips you see between the spokes. The rims are laced with 18/20 bladed spokes onto its aluminum Isopulse laced hubs. This design, which places a radial pattern drive side and a two cross on the opposite side, sees an increase dish, which means more balance and a higher spoke tension. The tires for 2015 are a wider 25mm for more grip. The front is a Hutchinson GripLink tire while the rear is a PowerLink for optimal handling.

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