Tern Node D8 Blk/Blu

Tern Bikes

You'll be blown away by the smooth and comfortable ride quality of the Node D8. The 24 inch wheels are just big enough to smooth out the bumps while still being small enough for a compact fold. Plus it has a rack and fenders so you're all set no matter when or where you want to ride.

Tern Node D8 Features:
  • 24 inch wheels for smooth riding
  • Schwalbe Road Cruiser Tires
  • Rack and Fenders
  • Folds nearly as compactly as 20 inch wheel Terns

We've had amazing success with the 20 inch wheel version of this bike and we think that the Node D8 will stack up just as well. If you don't need the smallest fold to fit in a super tiny space, having those larger 24 inch wheels can be a real benefit. Not only will there be less vibration - the whole bike will handle more like a full size bicycle.

For a comfortable and quick folding bike, the Node D8 is the way to go. You'll get the feel of a full size bicycle in a small folding bike package!

Category: Folding Bike

Type: Bicycle Urban

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