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How can I show how thankful I am for the service the staff of DTLA Bikes provided?

  • How can I thank the staff?

    Awwww! We heart you too! The feeling is genuinely mutual! It would be a huge help if you would leave us a review on one of these social platforms! Thank you! DIGITAL HUGS!

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Online Orders

  • I just ordered an item, but didn't receive a confirmation, how do I obtain confirmation information?

    Our apologies, we know how frustrating it can be having to track down your information. That is why there is an automatically generated email sent to the email provided at the time of check out. At times the email may end up in the your SPAM folder. If you're still unable to locate it please do not hesitate to reach out to our ready and abled staff by phone- 213-533-8000 or email: [email protected] stating your needs. 

    If you entered the email incorrectly by mistake you can either change it by going into your online account, if you registered with us otherwise please use the above contact information to alert us to the issue.

  • I want to purchase an item online, but I'm not able to complete the purchase

    In some cases there might be required information that when is not provided it will prevent progressing the purchasing process. Typically, if a size, color, or other request isn't indicated the system will not allow completion of item purchase.
  • What if I need something same day or next day?

    You are always welcome to pick the item up in person at our Downtown L.A. location (425 S. Broadway, 90013), we suggest calling the shop prior to 213-533-8000 to ensure the best possible service and preparation upon arrival. You may select next day shipping, but it will always charge the requisite amount even if your order is over $100, as the free shipping offer is voided for any item needing to be shipped in less than 5 business days
  • I would like to send someone to pick up an order from the shop, what do they need to bring?

    Typically, the name on the order must match the name on valid identification of the person retrieving the item along with being able to show an Associate the verification email stating item was ready for pick up. However, if someone is being sent in the place of the purchaser, the person who made the order is REQUIRED to provide the following items & information or DTLA Bikes Staff & Management are at liberty to deny release of item. Purchaser must provide an email to [email protected] with the following content: 1. A picture of the purchaser's ID and credit card (if used to make purchase) 2. The name of the person who is to act as their representative (this person must also produce identification and verification email) 3. [Copy & Paste] I give permission DTLA Bikes to release items which I've purchased online to (NAME OF REPRESENTATIVE). I understand that I am responsible for making this decisions and am acting of my own account.
  • Help! I ordered the wrong product!

    If you order the wrong item we will be happy to assist you, give us a call 213-533-8000 or email: [email protected] so we can handle the problem swiftly and simply.
  • I requested a refund, more than 7 days ago, but I still don't see it in my bank

    Refunds are processed as soon as the customer requests one. It can take up to 12 business days for the funds to be returned depending on the form of payment chosen to use, the time of request (ie: holidays usually cause postponement), your bank's policies, and the amount being refunded. There is a nonrefundable 10% refund fee for any and all refunds issued via online platforms
  • What's a 10% refund fee?

    The 10% refund fee goes to processing card fees, bank fees, and retail fees that are typically covered by the shop when a purchase is made. However, when a refund is requested, there is another round of fees assessed thereby doubling the costs.
  • I haven't received my item and it's been over 3 weeks since I ordered it.

    Please use the tracking number provided to locate the item, once it leaves our possession we are no longer responsible for replacing, resending, locating, or reimbursing said items. Your best bet is to contact the delivery company and it's always a good idea to purchase delivery insurance

Services Q & A

  • If I have my own parts, can the DTLA Bikes' mechanics put them on my bike for me?

    Yes, we can build or attach or switch out any parts you would like. There's still a labor charge that remains the same whether or not you get the parts from the shop or bring them yourself. 

  • Can I have my bike washed?

    Yes, we offer bike washes as stand alone options or as a part of our tune-up options:



  • When do I pay for services rendered?

    You can pay when you drop your bike off during the check in process or you can wait until you return to retrieve your bike to pay. Either way is great. We accept all major CC and in some very special cases Paypal as well (of course cash).
  • How long does a basic tune up take to complete?

    Depending on the condition of the bike and which service you choose, the average turn around time is approximately 2-4 days* The other tune up options which are more comprehensive and detailed can take anywhere from 3-7days. We always work our hardest to get you your bike sooner rather than later. *sometimes waiting for parts may delay the completion

  • If I need new parts (wheel, tube, tires, chain etc..) is that included in the cost of labor?

    Unfortunately. no. Parts are charged separate of the labor fees. Except in the case of tire flats. That includes the tube and the labor for the changing. However, if a new tire is needed that is extra.
  • Do I have to make an appointment before bringing my bike in for a tune up (or other repairs/maintenance)?

    No, you do not have to set an appointment before bringing your bike to get serviced. The mechanic will take a look at the bike and give you an estimated time for completion.

  • I recently had my bike serviced at your shop and my bike doesn't seem/ride well, what should I do?

    No idea. Never happened before. Of course, these things will occur from time to time. There's only a few of us and a lot more of you. Simply, bring the bike back. We will take a look at it no problem. Although extremely rare, there have been instances where a slight adjustment or minor issue was overlooked. In an effort to avoid this and situations related, we encourage showing, telling, pointing out, and feeling free to express to our very capable Staff, who are eager to service you and your bike with loyalty and respect.
  • Will I be notified when my repairs have been completed or should I stop by frequently?

    Once your bike has been completely serviced one of the DTLA Bike's staff members will give you a phone call and/or send you an email stating you are able to retrieve your bike.

Rental FAQ

  • Can I rent?

  • What do I need to rent a bike?

    To rent a bike with DTLA Bikes, you must have valid ID, showing that you are 18+ years old and a credit card that matches the name of the renter. 

  • What are the durations of rentals? And what is the late return policy?

    Rentals run in increments of 24 hours from time of rent. For example: If you rent a bike at 2PM you will need to return the bike before or at 2PM the following day Same goes for multiple day rentals: If you rent a bike for 4 days on Monday at 3PM then you will need to return it by Friday at 3PM to avoid being charged an extra day for later return. Anything returned after the rental window will be charged an extra day until the item is returned.
  • Do I have to reserve my rental ahead of time or can I rent on the spot?

    You can reserve or walk in and rent. Just be sure to have an ID (Passport, State, Driver's License, Military) & a credit card. We do make copies of these items as measures to ensure the return of all items rented. Once the rental is complete we destroy all sensitive materials immediately afterwards and guarantee the safety of your personal information

  • Does DTLA Bikes rent bikes for production (film, photoshoots, etc...)

    Yes, we do, please call 213-533-8000 to obtain further information and reserving or CLICK HERE

  • I want to rent bikes for my job/corporation, can you do that?

    Yes, however if you need more than 2-3 bikes you will need to call 213-533-8000 in order to speak with an employee to set up that ticket for you.
  • Can I also rent extras (ie. pedals, lock, lights, helmet, rack, etc...)?

    Yes, we rent a multitude of extras to accommodate your experience.

    A list of what we have available:

    • Child trailers*
    • Child seats*
    • Racks*
    • SPD/SPD-SL pedals
    • Front and rear light set
    • Helmets
    • Locks
    • Emergency saddlebag kits

    *only applicable to hybrid bike rentals

    We DO NOT rent:

    • Cycling Shoes/socks
    • Cycling apparel
    • Baskets
    • Bags
    • Sunglasses
    • Computers/GPS
  • The bike I rented was stolen, what now?

    Contact us immediately!  213-533-8000

    Yes, you are responsible for the payment as indication in the agreement waiver (HERE) all charges will be made to the card held on file and will be the MSRP of the bike(s) and any extra items which do not get returned.

    In the case of your inability to pay restitution we are at liberty to contact the Los Angeles Police Dept. and provide them with your personal information to aid in their pursuit. 

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